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Why does the User settings form keep popping up?

It is because you still have required information to enter to do certain actions on the site.

To complete it make sure to fill in all required information , click agree Terms of service checkbox and confirm email verification that will be sent to you after entering email.

Where do you get the "Recommended price" from?

The recommended price is fetched from the SteamAnalyst API, which gets the daily steam market price.

Are there any risks trading with your bots?

There aren't any risk trading with our bots, when depositing or withdrawing items.

Make sure to always click on the direct link to the trade offer that is polled on directly on the site or compare it with the generated security token that is provided in the trade message.

If a deposit trade(Marketsell) trade goes through and doesn't appear in inventory which can happen but its rare, its most likely because steam service wasent available at the time to read the items or retry.

The items wont go anywhere though, send us a support ticket or email and we will resolve it as fast as possible.

Why don't i receive any trade offers?

Make sure your Steam inventory is set to public in Steam settings and that your given trade URL is correct and belonging to the logged in user.

If the trade offer fails to send then it will usually appear an error on the site. Deposited or purchased items will be available on site Inventory.

Where do you get the currency prices from and why aren't they displaying on every page?

The currency is fetched from Skinhandel has Euro as base currency and the currency convertion is only applied for display prices on the pages: items, cart and checkout.

The currency converter is not applied to site balance on sites such as checkout with funds, buying funds, cashout fundsor transaction history so it wont be affected by indifferences from currency values at different times.

How it works

Getting started

Sign in with Steam and fill in your trade url, email address and personal details.

Buy skins

Browse skins at the Item Store. Add the item(s) you wish to purchase into your cart and proceed to Checkout.

Choose your desired payment method and follow the instructions.

When the payment is completed. The items will be delivered in a trade offer sent from our bot(s) and the items will be available in site inventory.

Sell skins

At the Sell items page, set the price for your items and list them on the market by depositing them to our steam bots. You can withdraw the items at any time

Once you accept the trade offer from the bot, your item(s) will be placed on the market available for other users to purchase it.

When the item has been bought you will be notified on your email and information will be available at sell transactions.

Your balance will be updated with the money you have received, which you can either use to buy new skins or cashout for real money.


At the Quicksell page, select the items you want to sell and press the "sell items" button and you will receive a trade offer from one of our bots.

Once you accept the trade offer from the bot, your balance will be updated with the total price of your items.


Skinhandel is a community market that is striving to be easy and useful to use to buy and sell items with other people and cashing out real money for skins.

Note that we will NOT ADD any customers for site support to offer things, asking for services or items. Please watch out for impersonators and make sure to report them. All support contact will be through email and tickets.